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educação diferente

Projecto da responsabilidade da apie - Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional - Educação Especial e Deficiência.

educação diferente

Projecto da responsabilidade da apie - Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional - Educação Especial e Deficiência.



Ongwanada has been a member of the community for more than 60 years. Our name, an Ojibwa term for "our home", is a fitting symbol for our vision, mission and values.

We support people with developmental disabilities and their families, respecting their rights, increasing their opportunities to make choices and decisions about the quality of their lives and responding to their changing needs.

A non-profit, accredited organization, Ongwanada offers a wide range of individualized services and community supports to approximately 600 people with developmental disabilities and their families in Kingston and Eastern Ontario. Our funding comes primarily from the provincial Ministry of Community and Social Services and we are managed by a volunteer Board of Governors.

Our programs and services are delivered at three main sites in Kingston, more than 20 community residences as well as other homes and offices in the region. In addition to residential options, some services include Day Support, Vocational and Life Skills Training, Medical Services, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Respite Care, Community Behavioural Services and Adult Protective Services.

Research is also important to Ongwanada. We are affiliated with Queen's University and collaborate internationally in research to enhance the understanding and improve the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Ongwanada's Snoezelen Room opened in April, 2001 and is based on a practice originally developed in the Netherlands in 1984. The Snoezelen concept comes from the recognition that stimulation, relaxation and enjoyment are basic needs of all individuals. Everyone thrives in the world around them through their senses and Snoezelen brings sensory experiences together, in a therapeutic room, for people with a developmental disability who cannot participate in other leisure activities in typical ways.

The Snoezelen Room concept is able to bring the activity to the client in ways that enables them to interact with the equipment which then responds and changes to their touch. To have an effect on what is happening in the room and the ability to choose the activity gives a sense of accomplishment to the individual.

A Snoezelen room is designed to be a relaxing and entertaining environment. The room has subdued lighting and is furnished with specially designed, interactive equipment that creates lights, sounds and smells. Depending on the client's needs the room can be used to provide a variety of sensory elements to help stimulate or relax the senses.

Individuals with developmental disabilities are asked that they visit the room in the company of an adult who is willing to attend a prior orientation session offered by Ongwanada staff on the use of the equipment, safety and other special features. The room may be booked for 25 to 55 minute sessions between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. There is a $5 fee per session subject to ability to pay.


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