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educação diferente

Projecto da responsabilidade da apie - Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional - Educação Especial e Deficiência.

educação diferente

Projecto da responsabilidade da apie - Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional - Educação Especial e Deficiência.

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Education Resources for Pupils with Down's Syndrome

Since 2002 the DSA has published four Education Support Packs to help educators meet the needs of children and young people with Down's syndrome in schools and colleges. The original Education Support Pack, which won The Times Education Supplement/NASEN Books for Learning and Teaching award 2003, has been separated into specific packs, one for primary schools and one for secondary schools. The 2011 Primary and Secondary Education Support Packs are updated with new information and accompanied by a CD containing PDFs of all four Education Support Packs as well as new assessment materials and resources.  All designed for accessibility and dissemination.

Each of the support packs in the series describes how to meet the educational needs of children and young people with Down's syndrome at different stages in their education. The support packs contain units of topic related information and resources designed for practical use in mainstream and special schools and colleges. The written information is printed in pt 12 font size on pages of robust card, to support frequent removal from the A4 ring folder and photocopying. The units are separated by card dividers so that information can be found quickly and easily.

What is in the Education Support Packs Series?

Primary Education Support Pack

Secondary Education Support Pack

New Education Support CD for Schools

Each of the Support Packs comes with a CD containing the content of all four support packs, DSA information sheets on all topics, DSA booklets for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education, P scales and assessment materials and numerous examples of differentiated materials across the curriculum.  The resources include an interactive visual timetable for home and school use, a visual timetable for working life (FE and work), 'Speaking and Listening' software and examples of 'curriculum maps' for most curriculum areas. The CD can be bought separately from the Support Packs.

2003 Education Support Packs for Special Schools and Further Education

Although recent education developments and computer hardware and software are not included in the 2003 Education Support Packs, much of the information remains relevant and can be applied by staff supporting students with complex needs in special schools and staff working in post 16 education settings.

As well as being available in ring folders, the Support Packs are available as free downloads or on a CD, as part of the Education Support CD for schools.

Education Support Pack for Special Schools

Education Support Pack for Further Education

The updated Primary and Secondary Education Support Packs have been written by Sandy Alton, Consultancy Advisory Teacher Oxfordshire LA and Teacher Advisor DSA; Jane Beadman, Independent Educational Psychologist; Bob Black, Education Information Officer DSA; Cecilie MacKinnon, Training Officer DSA; and Christina Singh, Independent Educational Consultant; with additional contributions from education professionals and students who have Down's syndrome.

Celebrating Success : Inclusion for individuals with Down's syndrome cross mainstream education settings

The Celebrating Success series brings to life the DSA Education Support Packs by using case studies written in the words of teachers, assistants and parents.  The series is spilt into four areas of education - Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education/Employment and demonstrates how to implement successful inclusion across each key phase of education.


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