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To expand the opportunities and resources offered by Special Olympics Great Britain so that ever child and adult with a learning disability in Great Britain has the

chance through the provision of quality sports training and competition, to improve their lives and in turn, the lives of everyone they touch.


The mission of Special Olympics GB is to provide year round sports training and competition for people eight years of age and older with a learning disability, giving

them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate achievement, experience enjoyment and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and

friendship with their families and other Special Olympics athletes.


Special Olympics is founded on the belief that through participation in sport, people

with a learning disability can develop the confidence and advocacy skills to become

fully integrated into society. The ultimate goal of Special Olympics Great Britain is therefore to promote the fuller social inclusion of people with learning disabilities. By offering opportunities to develop and demonstrate skills and talents through sports training and competition and by increasing public awareness, Special Olympics helps people with learning disabilities participate as productive and valued

members of society.


Special Olympics Great Britain recognises the importance of the 2012 Olympics in

London and will harness this opportunity, and the legacy that it provides, to raise greater awareness of and support for the SOGB organisation.


Between now and 2012, it is the aim of Special Olympics Great Britain to firmly establish itself as the leading charity for people with learning disabilities who want to participate in a variety of sports and across a broad spectrum of ability.

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to outline the steps that will be taken by SOGB over this period to achieve these goals.


We believe that the barriers and issues outlined above can be overcome, but that a

dedicated effort is urgently required if learning disability sport is ever to catch up with other areas of disability sport and the imbalance of participation rates be addressed.


Hence the development of a strategic programme leading up to the London 2012

Olympic and Paralympic Games that will require a root and branch review of our operation to include our structure and approach in the following key areas:

- Organisation and management ii. People (staff and volunteers)

- Programme Development iv. Finance and Fundraising

- Marketing, Communications and PR

In the period 2008-2012 Special Olympics Great Britain intends to strengthen management structures across the whole organisation in order to improve efficiency and overall effectiveness recognising that, at its core, Special Olympics is a volunteer driven-movement. Special Olympics Great Britain will be transparent and accountable at all levels. (See Appendix A for current SOGB Structure).


By developing the depth and diversity of the Board of Directors and ensuring more

contact with the programme at local programme levels through regular communication and face to face contact. Future Board development will include the appointment of specialists in the fields of fundraising and education.


Between now and 2012, Special Olympics Great Britain will improve and enhance all aspects of its administration, centrally, regionally and across its network of local

clubs. Over the course of the next two years, Special Olympics GB will also review its regional boundaries in order to assess both the current and future needs of the wider programme. Special Olympics Great Britain will ensure that all areas of administration are of the highest standard and that sufficient resources are expended in this area to provide a seamless operation. All current policies will be reviewed and updated as required taking into consideration any new legislation relating to voluntary organisations such as Special Olympics Great Britain.


In the period 2008-2012 Special Olympics Great Britain will look to secure sufficient staff to achieve programme growth and quality goals. Acknowledging that the backbone of the organization are the volunteers, Special Olympics Great Britain will look to retain and reward the current volunteer force but also engage and train a new generation of volunteers to push the programme forward and support it at all levels.


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