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educação diferente


educação diferente





Babies with Down syndrome need what all babies need – cuddles, nourishment, and love. They will grow, learn and develop, reaching childhood milestones – just at their own rate. Although your baby may have some physical characteristics common to people with Down syndrome, he or she will also look like members of your family. Your baby also needs health care, a rich stimulating learning environment and the company of family and friends.

You are not alone – approximately 500 babies are born with Down syndrome each year in Canada. There are 50 Down syndrome groups associated with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, offering information and support.

If you are a new or expectant parent, please take some time to look through our website, contact our office and connect with local families. We know there is a lot of information to absorb right now, but the most important thing to remember is that Down syndrome is just a small part of who your baby is and will be. Nobody can tell you how much your child will be able to achieve – all we know is what the 35,000 Canadians with Down syndrome have and continue to accomplish.


It is important to remember:

Nothing you or your partner did before or during pregnancy caused your child to have Down syndrome. It happens in the early stages of cell division at conception – something we still do not fully understand.

No matter which type of Down syndrome your child has, the effects of the extra genetic material will be unique to them. They will have their own strengths, likes, dislikes, talents, personality and temperament. Think of your baby as a child first. Down syndrome is just a part of who they are.

Many misconceptions about Down syndrome stem from outdated information and stereotypes. Learning more about Down syndrome can help ease some of your uncertainty. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our information and resources, and allow friends and family time to learn more about Down syndrome as well.


Where should I go from here?

To inquire about a New Parent Package or to speak to someone in our office directly, please call us toll-free at 1-800-883-5608 or at 403-270-8500. A CDSS representative can answer any questions you might have, or direct you to a local group or contact that can provide you with more information.

Learn more about Down syndrome and the CDSS by reading our brochures in the Information section of our website. These brochures provide some basic information about people living with Down syndrome, the role of our organization, inclusion and self-advocacy.

Take a look at the Personal Stories section of our Information page for a collection of stories about meeting, parenting, and being a person with Down syndrome.

Connect with families and professionals by contacting your local group. Other parents are a valuable resource for learning more about raising a child with Down syndrome and can provide you with information about local contacts and resources. Click here to find one of the 50 Down syndrome groups associated with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society that is closest to you.


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